kerb appeal

Most Popular Kerb Appeal Ideas to Attract Potential Buyers

Visual appeal is one of the most important factors that influence our first impression. That means that beautifully designed things will trigger emotions and memories in our brain that, on the subconscious level, will favour some things over others. It’s no different when we are looking for a new home. We will look for something to check all the boxes when it comes to functionality and personal preferences. Still, the outside of the house is the first thing that will draw our attention. Whether you are exploring the most popular kerb appeal ideas to attract potential buyers or plan to refresh the exterior design and reinvent the look of your yard, here are the best ways to do it.

Refresh the house exterior

Every home needs occasional renovation and remodelling if we want to keep it in top condition. Doing it through small projects won’t feel like a financial burden since giving little by little is more manageable than cashing it all at once. Hence, dedicating some investment to bring out your home’s best features before putting it on the market is always a smart move. Suppose you have the means and will; let us start with painting the exterior walls. The wall freshness and colour are something that everyone notices first, so refreshing or changing the paint will do much good. Choosing the colour is up to you, but avoid using too bright or too dark paint. Going with neutral and earthy pastel colours is the most appealing look in general.

Still, if you love to play with colour, you can be brave when choosing one for your doors and windows. Doors are a very noticeable feature of every house, so paying extra attention to its design and colour is essential. Its features will say a lot about the owner, their tastes, and the welcoming feeling the house is trying to vibe. The same thing refers to front gates. Adding a fresh coat of paint will do wonders!

Keeping the patios top-notch

Re-vamping porches, patios, terraces, balconies, and any other leisure spaces your home has is the perfect way to add value to your house. There are so many popular kerb appeal ideas for these areas that could make your place beyond recognition. It would help if you started with thoroughly cleaning them, from top to bottom. Also, see if those floors need some refreshing or polishing. When it comes to wood surfaces, a coat of paint and a protective layer are a good idea. Naturally, if you have some tiles or stone floors, all you need is to clean them meticulously. Grouts, tiles, and uneven surfaces might require different treatment, but nothing gives a better impression than spotless floors. After you’re done, apply the same procedures on staircases and stairs.

Furnishing the leisure area

After all the cleaning and refreshing is done comes the best part – decorating the patios, porches, and terraces. Such choices will depend on your preferable design, but going with comfortable and durable furniture pieces is always a win. The details you choose should be inviting and welcoming, so add a few elements that will draw attention to them. Make sure to have some lovely cushions for your outdoor furniture, especially when staging your home for sale. When you’ve decided on the centrepiece of these areas, add some more details like outdoor lanterns, flower pots, or maybe even string lights. Patio furniture is an excellent investment if you know how to take care of it, so make sure to learn how to safely store it and put it away in winter to protect it from harsh weather.

Fix and wash the driveway

Driveways are usually not among the most popular kerb appeal ideas when sprucing up our place for sale. Still, the importance of it is beyond questioning. Imagine driving to an open house and noticing cracks or a dirty driveway along the way. That is the first thing we see on the property, and it’s never good to form a wrong impression of a house before you even have a chance to check it out. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to fix and pressure-wash the driveway when trying to attract potential buyers. It’s always good to inspect the driveway now and then. If it has cracks in it, repaving might be a good idea.

Landscaping will do magic

Landscaping is the most efficient way to draw attention to the property. No matter how well the home exterior looks, people will have doubts if the front yard is poorly maintained. And even though landscaping doesn’t require much investment if you’re planning to do it as a DIY project, no one wants to pay a significant amount of money for a new home and then invest some more if they don’t have to.

Your landscaping project can be big or small, depending on how far you are willing to go. Either way, begin with checking the condition of the grass. Usually, simple mowing will do the trick if you already maintain the surface regularly. Pay attention to cut all the bushes and overgrown grass patches, especially close to the house. While you’re doing it, see if any plants or trees need trimming and add some more mulch around them. A fresh layer of mulch or landscape rocks will refresh the terrain and add contrast to the property.

From here, the only thing left is to plant some fresh flowers if you’re putting your home on the market during spring or summer. Investing in a garden project is one of the most popular kerb appeal ideas since it’s the most effective way to refresh the front yard.

Pay attention to details

Doing all the work won’t do you much if you don’t pay attention to every part of your household equally. From big surfaces and most popular kerb appeal ideas to neglected small things, like mail-boxes and house numbers, everything matters! Every little detail is essential when looking at the big picture. Remember that your potential buyers are looking for their dream home, and nothing less than dreamy will do.



Reasons to avoid a DIY move

Reasons to avoid a DIY move

Moving will be, without a doubt, one of the most difficult transitional periods in your life. And, because of that fact, you will need all the help you get. Still, many people undervalue the importance of professional movers and decide to opt for a DIY kind of a move. Some do it because they think it will save them a lot of money, some do it because they feel too proud, etc. But, little do they know that even the smallest and the most innocent mistake due to either inexperience or lack of knowledge can sometimes cost them a lot more. We are not talking only about the money – unprofessionalism in moving can cost one time, energy, nerves, and most importantly, health. However, if you are still not persuaded, then keep on reading. Here are some legitimate reasons to avoid a DIY move.

DIY Move Does Not Always Cost Less 

As previously mentioned, the number one reason why most people opt for a DIY kind of a move is money. However, moving by yourself can only be cheaper if you are moving somewhere around the corner and if you have scarcely any belongings.

The problems start to occur when the hidden costs of moving emerge. These costs are usually packing supplies, moving equipment, moving trucks, road tolls and taxes, fuel surcharges, shipping, insurance, cleaning, etc., to mention just a few. Moreover, having a DIY kind of a move can cause a lot of damages both to your properties (the current and the new one) and to your own body – all of which will end up costing a lot more money than simply hiring movers. Hopefully, this answers your question of how easy it is to do your own house removal – not easy nor cheap at all.

It Will Consume All of Your Time and Energy 

If you think that packing your home and moving all of your belongings is something that can be done over the weekend, you are wrong! Still, many people think they can pull it off. Those are the same people who hire movers the next time they decide to move.

When you move by yourself, that is, when you have a DIY kind of a move, be prepared to spend weeks for it. Maybe even months! It is essential to know, right at the beginning, that moving is a process that requires a lot of planning and preparation. And, if this is your first time moving, those plans and preparations will demand all of your time. If you have weeks and months to spare, great! But, if you have to move in a hurry for business reasons, or if you are moving with small children, for example, you will need to get everything done in the fastest possible manner. And, the only way to do that is, as previously said, with professional movers, not by yourself.

Avoid a DIY Move As It Can Break Friendships 

Even when moving by yourself, you will need help doing some tasks. For example, you will need help getting that sofa down the stairs and into the moving truck, you will need help disassembling that bulky closet, or you will just need somebody to watch your children and pets on the moving day.

Most of your friends will be able to give you a hand when preparing and packing for the move. However, you should keep in mind that friends mean well but they are not skilled! You can make all the same mistakes with their help too. Those same mistakes will end up costing a lot more time, money, and energy all over again.

Another thing that can happen with DIY relocations is relying on your friends for too much. You may need their help not for one day but for an entire week. Packing, heavy lifting, and doing all sorts of physical work is not on anybody’s wish list. Thus, do not take your friends for granted and assume they have all the time in the world to help you with your moving as you may lose those friends.

And, It Can Also Break Bones 

Besides breaking friendships, DIY relocations can also break bones! Believe it or not, but moving injuries are as common as any other. A lot of things can go wrong – you may strain your back, break your fingers and toes, injure your knees and neck, sprain your ankles, or you may cut and scrape just any part of your body. Moreover, you may injure not only yourself but also any other household member around you. As you can see, these moving injuries are nothing to joke about – some of them can even put you in hospital.

Moving injuries happen because of our inexperience and lack of knowledge, and of course, because of our clumsiness. Many people do not know how to heavy-lift, nor how to use the machines they have rented for this occasion. For these people, a DIY kind of a move is just a disaster waiting to happen. Moving house like a professional requires a lot of research upfront – give yourself time to learn all the lifting techniques, carrying methods, stretching exercises, etc. Also, head out and buy protective gear! If this seems just too much, you know what to do – hire movers.

Specialty Items Require Special Care 

None of us are born with expert packing skills; these skills are learned, but only if you have enough time and energy for that. If you do not, you will have to let movers handle your precious belongings if you want them to arrive at your new address in one piece.

This is especially important for specialty items. Those are items that are bulky, heavy, difficult to pack, and also those that are extremely valuable and expensive, such as musical instruments, art pieces, antique furniture, and for others, those are pools, hot tubs, and aquariums. Relocating these is hard even for professionals, let alone for inexperienced people. Just one wrong move can cost your precious item! So, if you value your belongings, avoid a DIY move and let experts handle them.




buying a house

Essential Steps to Buying a House for a Family

We all have our priorities when buying a house. And when it comes to buying a house for a family, these needs become diversified. As a result of this, the buying process gets complex and takes time, and it’s easy to get off track. This guide will help you get through the process without forgetting some of the important features to you and your family.


1. Location, Location & Location


With a family, you want a location that is amidst good social infrastructure. It means that you get easy access to the places they frequent the most. This includes work, school, shopping, recreation, place of worship, friends and family. Ideally, something that has low traffic yet gives you access to the main roads.


2. Square Foot: Number of Bedrooms/ Bathrooms


Don’t ignore the size of the lot the house sits on. After all, that will play a critical role if you are buying a house — and want a treehouse or a pool in the backyard. Alongside, the total number of bedrooms & bathrooms matter. You want to have a futuristic vision. Do you have two kids who are sharing a room? Are you thinking of adding a granny flat later? Make sure you consider the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms before buying the home.


3. Kitchen Layout


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and usually, everyone ends up hanging out here. Since it is the centre of activity and entertainment, the size and layout are important. Think about if you want a large gourmet kitchen with lots of counter space, sinks and storage or do you want a closed layout with a separate dining area? What kind of appliances do you like to keep — and does your kitchen size permit the same?



4. Age of the House


Remember that one thing that often adds to the maintenance cost of the house is its age. It will also mean that you might have to bring in new appliances, have more repairs and maintenance issues. Some older homes can have a character that appeals, they may cost more and they may also need more repairs and upgrades. So this is a matter of ensuring you have the budget.


5. Purchase Price


This is the most critical factor that comes into play when buying a house. The budget of your house should be determined after a family discussion. Are you willing to take an extra loan, do you want to save more for your child’s education or a car? Once this aspect is planned out, get a pre-approved loan. Keep in mind that buying or purchasing a single-family home is a huge investment. You have to take out time and plan how all costs will affect your finances and stick to your decision on price range and mortgage payment.


6. Understand the Seller’s Incentive


Wow! You are being offered a spectacular home for 30% lower than the market rate. Before you pounce on the opportunity, think for a moment — what is the seller’s intent? You will often find that some sellers are more motivated than others. Many homeowners are compelled to sell due to market or financial situations. But others may want to quickly sell a home that is affected by mould, damp or even termites! Based on this, think and make an informed decision — and bargain!


7. Maintenance Requirements


Remember that unless you are building a house from scratch, the maintenance cost comes hugely into play. Do make a written or mental list of all the things that could use a little help. It could be the repairs, large or small, replacements or additions that can add a dent in your budget.


8. Public Transport


You want a home that is easily accessible through public transport. Preferably a train, subway or a bus station around. Cars are an option, but you would want to be in an area where public transport is not too far away!


9. Finalise your Mortgage/Loan


So many financial institutions and lenders give competitively priced loan programs. Make a list of questions on your mind and work out a deal that suits your financial requirements.


The right home can be for life. These little pointers will help you in buying a house for a family that you convert into a home!


After agreeing to buy a house get the best deals and free quotes from removalists in perth!

international removals

How to save money on international removals

If you are looking to undertake an international move but are on a budget, of course you will want some advice as to how to go about this.  Below we have some tips that will help you achieve this goal.

Use Comparison sites for international removals

The easiest way to save money is to use a comparison site. these sites will take the details of the items you are looking to move and provide you with a number of quotes from selected companies, thus allowing you to select the best quotation based on your budget and requirements, and saving you the time and hassle of ringing around and obtaining quotes. Remember to look carefully at    what companies are supplying as there may be some hidden extras to think about.

Think about what your moving

Of course the best way to save money is to only move your essentials.  Most quotations for International removals are based on volume ,space your furniture will take up on the vehicle,  so the less non essential items you take, the cheaper your removal will be. Look at the quality of the furniture items you are taking, good quality furniture which is made of solid wood for instance may well be worth moving, but an Ikea wardrobe, less so.  Looking at website to compare new for old prices on furniture items if a good idea. you may find that shopping for new  items in the country you are moving to is more cost effective than moving older items.

Reduce your volume

You can reduce the volume of your move by also packing as small as possible. Using clothes and towels as packing materials for delicate items is a great saving on space, and also makes boxes more robust and spreads the weight. If  you can dismantle items and flat pack them, do so, as this is a huge saving on space, and if not then fill the items with light weight unbreakable’s, such as duvets and  pillows.  You can turn the handle bars and remove the pedals on bicycles, so that they are easy to stack, all of these little tricks save on volume, and therefore costs.

Establish your volume to get quotes

To get an idea of the volume of effects you have, so that you can get an accurate quotation is a good idea, thus illuminating any nasty surprises on costs. To do this accurately you need to stack you items in a cube, as square as possible and them measure the length, width and height. with these dimensions you can multiply (length x width x height) to get the accurate volume. it is a good idea to take photographs of this to send to your chosen removal company and as evidence of volume. When you take measurements be generous rather than not, as slightly overstated measurements will allow for any awkward stacking. Remember you are charged for the space you take up on the vehicle or in the container rather than each individual item added together., and your mover is normally stacking into a vehicle or container which is 2 to 3 meters high.

Compare quotes

When looking for quotations for an international removal  it is important to obtain various quotations to compare.  you will need to look at all the small print to  be clear on what is included in the quotation and what is not. You can normally negotiate with your chosen company to either include extra services for the same price, or to drop a little on their initial pricing. Remember cheap is not always best, as they may well be missing some important service, like destinations services, which would be charged at the country of arrival.

Insurance on your move – it’s another cost!

It is a good idea to have insurance to cover your effects during their removal. Most removal companies will recommend an insurance company to you, and sometimes you can negotiate the rate that you pay. You can also find insurance companies providing this service online. Once again you need to read the small print and check for exclusions and excess charges.

Good movers have information pages on your destination country

Most reputable removal companies have comprehensive websites with information on the areas that they undertake removals to.  Take time to investigate the information provided, as this will help you on arrival at your destination.  You will save time and money if you have a clear idea on what you need to do on arrival at your new home and may save yourself charges such as storage fees etc. Investigate  how you will need to go about obtaining residency, driving licences , work, schooling etc, so that when you arrive, you can get started. it is also worth knowing public holidays dates, local customs and general advice from other expats.

For more help…………

For more International removals help and advice visit the advance moves website and look for your destination country in the popular removals tab on the menu.



Advance moves international removals is a company dedicated to providing information and competitive quotes for International removals. Formed in 2002 advance moves has helped thousands of people save time and money on their international removals with the advance moves quick quote system. Enter some basic details about your move and get an instant online quote plus removal quotations from up to 6 independent professional removal companies that best match your removal requirements.

Sustainable house move

How to Have a Sustainable House Move

In 2020, ignoring the climate crisis really is not an option. While we trust that you are doing your bit, we also imagine that the environment is not your greatest concern amidst your house removal. We are here to change that by showing you how to have a sustainable house move.


Did you know? On average, moving house emits a whopping 17 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. While moving house is an imperative, and we recognise cancelling your move altogether is simply not an option, why not try and shave a few kilos off that total by following the simple tips outlined below. Remember, being more eco-friendly means greater efficiency, and greater efficiency means saving time and money. That’s killing not two, but three birds with one stone!


Before Your Move

A sustainable house move requires you to start off on the right tracks, and get your eco-hat on well in advance of your actual moving date. The following steps show you how.


Choose an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

Bet you did not even know that such a thing exists! While there are of course limits to how sustainable a removal company can be, there is no doubt that some try to do their bit more than others. Reward those who do for their efforts, and when requesting quotes, or researching your removal company, consider this a factor in your selection process.


The key things to look for when working out whether a removal company endorses eco-friendly behaviours are:

  • Do they practice corporate social responsibility?
  • Do they carbon offset some of their emissions?
  • Do they drive eco-friendly vehicles?


This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope it gives you some pointers to start selecting a sustainable mover. Need a bit more guidance? Sirelo’s list of top eight international moving companies considers corporate social responsibility as a deciding factor in who made the cut!


Reduce Your Load

Thinking of bringing your neglected armchair? Or the lamp collecting dust in the cupboard? Think again – that isn’t the route to a sustainable house move.. Naturally, the greater the volume of your move, the more carbon dioxide emissions it will emit, and equally the more expensive it will be. It therefore goes without saying, that reducing your load is essential to ensure both a sustainable and budget-friendly move.


Don’t Dump!

You may think we are contradicting ourselves a little here, but stay with us. So you have been ruthless in selecting what furniture to bring with you, and now you are stuck with mountains of unwanted goods. Rather than taking these to landfill, think about doing one or some of the following things instead:

  • Sell it! Save the environment and make money at the same time? A double win. There are many platforms in which to sell second-hand goods. Anything that is in good enough condition is worth finding a new home for.
  • If you can afford it, an even better option is to donate any unwanted furniture to a charity shop. Alternatively, there are NGOs dedicated to collecting and redistributing unwanted furniture to vulnerable people. If you are strapped for time, they will often do the legwork for you.
  • Even if certain items of yours are damaged beyond repair or use, many people fancy their hands at upcycling. Wooden furniture in particular can be useful, so donate your furniture to a creative and watch your old side table transform!


During Your Move

If you have managed to be sustainable up to this point, you are doing incredibly well. But the hard work does not stop just yet. The following measures will help you ensure that you keep up the good work throughout the moving process.


Pack Wisely

So you have managed to narrow down what to bring with you on your adventure, but there are also ways you can pack those that made the cut in a sustainable manner. Consider some of the following:

  • Second-hand boxes. Why not have a look to see if you can source boxes that have already been used. Given that the price of moving boxes can add up, you will save some money along the way too.
  • Minimise packing materials. Think twice before you buy heaps of bubble-wrap and other padding materials. Why not use blankets, towels and scarves instead? Another way to cut back on both your moving expenses and carbon emissions.



At this point, your efficiently packed, reused boxes are safely packed and ready to go. If you are moving yourself, think about the best way to avoid multiple trips in your vehicle, again reducing both petrol costs and emissions. Sensing a theme here?


If you and your boxes are parting ways, and a removal company is taking care of them, you will still have to get yourself to your new home. If possible, avoid flying. We know this is not always an option, so if jumping on an aeroplane is the only viable option, think about carbon offsetting your flight, if you can afford to do so.


After Your Move

Start good habits in your new home, and think carefully about how to reduce your carbon footprint, both immediately after your move and in the weeks, months and years to come. We have outlined some of the ways you can do this below:


  • Go paperless. We imagine that your house move has been somewhat plagued with exhausting amounts of admin. Moving often requires you to get in touch with you bank, doctor and many other services, in order to change your address. While doing this, why not also opt to go paperless? May as well, while you are at it.
  • Buy second-hand furniture. What goes around comes around, quite literally! Replace all that furniture you so generously sold and donated with someone else’s unwanted goods. Both charity shops and platforms such as Facebook Marketplace often have real steals!
  • Choose eco-friendly utility providers. Much like you did when selecting a removal company, ensure your new utility providers have eco-friendly policies. This is becoming more and more common, so it should not be too difficult to find.


First of all, congratulations! Moving house is no mean feat, and you seem well on your way to making it success and a sustaniable house move. Remember, every little helps; we know implementing all of these tips into your move may seem overwhelming, but even just a couple can go a long way to help save our planet.

professional packers

Hiring Professional Packers Vs. Pacing Yourself: Which Is Right For You?

Moving is indeed a time-consuming and stressful process. It involves the excitement of starting a new life in a new place as well as the sorrow of leaving your old home behind. But the whole process of relocation requires attention more than anything else. Packing everything from furniture to documents, make proper arrangements for transporting those assets, and a few more things that are need to be done correctly. At this point, it is pretty normal to get confused. Because there will be no second chance, whatever you will do, should be done correctly.

For example, you are packing. No matter you are moving alone or moving with a family, you have to pack everything up. Now suppose you are hiring a movers and packers company. They are the professionals. So your work will be done pretty quickly. But what if their inconvenience causes you any damage? Don’t you think that will be another addition during this hassle?

That is the reason why here we are going to talk about particularly on the matter of packing so that you can make your mind clear, whether you will be packing or will let an agency do so.

Professional packers

Professional packers are professionals because they are trained in the art of packing and moving the box. In many moving companies, packing is an add-on option.  The process starts when the workers come into the customer’s house guided by the customer himself to check what needs to be packed and whatnot. Once the packing is over, workers assemble all the boxes carefully. From there, movers take over the work.


  • It is quick

If your home is bigger with several rooms, then the number of furniture must be pretty high too. So apparently it’s a time consuming and tiring work to disassemble each asset and wrap them. In this kind of situation, professional packers can save your life! As for you, it may take a few weeks or even a month; professional packers will get the job done may be within only a few hours or a day.

  • Packing will be proper

You must agree that there must be a few differences in your process of wrap things and trained professionals’ process. They use specific methods to pack delicate, valuable stuff like delicate glassware, some artwork, mirrors, sculptures, etc. Their process minimizes the chance of damaging things. Their company gives you the guarantee of their work, and if it is a good company, they will also provide you with insurance. But what will happen if your unprofessional package occurs any damage?


  • Expensive

Expense or cost is the main reason why people hesitate to consult a movers and packers agency. But if someone wants to hire a company, they usually will want to hire the best one. And the best ones can cost several hundredths to thousandths, depending on the number of items that need to be packed.

  • Lack of control

Professional packers are trained with specific methods of packing, which is why they are not going to the methods ordered or guided by you. They may pack all of your winter clothes along with your summer clothes. Things you have already packed in your way, the packers will repack them according to their method. In the end, while unpacking, you may end up being confused and frustrated.

  • Trusting

Some people may feel uncomfortable letting a group of unknown people come into your house to handle and pack personal belongings. Maybe they are afraid of threats like theft or breaking precious belongings. However, choosing an ethical, trustworthy company that will provide trustworthy workers is up to you.

Advantages and disadvantage of packing yourself


  • Low costs

As we discussed before, the expense is the main reason for not choosing movers and Packers Company. So, for the same reason, the reduced costs are the main advantage of packing yourself. Moving is itself a costly step, and your pocket may be a little tight after purchasing a home and bearing other related expenses. And that is precisely why maybe you are skipping the step of paying professional packers.

  • Everything is under your control

If there is an issue with strangers handling your belongings or are not happy if the workers are not following your way, it will be useful to handle everything yourself. We can understand some people are somehow dominant in nature- who are habituated in controlling situations, then hiring packers may cause you serious frustrations.

  • You are not going to steal

While you are packing by yourself, the fear of theft or breaking should be nowhere. Another thing is, no one will understand the value of your possessions better than yourself, so you are the one who will pack everything very carefully. So, you can keep your most lovable belongings away from dishonest workers.


  • Time-consuming

Where the main reason for hiring packers is saving your time, handling everything by yourself may require lots of time. Relocating in a new home is already a hassle- from changing the address to handling insurance or medical issues, from attending farewell to making travel arrangements: where is the time to take care of packing?  That’s why the whole packing process may take months, leaving you entirely incapable of further works.

  • You are not a professional

Firstly you packed everything with lots of patience and time, what will happen if your non-professional packing damages a few of your belongings? Even after doing everything according to online instructions, you cannot decrease the chance of damaging things, as you are not aware of the proper methods.

Company will provide you insurance for their inconvenience

For instance, you packed a bunch of glasses in a box, and the truck’s vibrations broke them, then the movers are not responsible for your loss. They are not liable for boxes they didn’t pack. That means if you pack your things, then you are doing this with your risk.

If you’re in Dubai you can check this: Movers and packers in Dubai.

At the end

Whether you want to hire packers or going to do it yourself- it should depend on your needs. What will happen if you will need to face a lot more loss than the packers’ charge? After judging everything, if you are completely sure that you can do it, hiring packers won’t be necessary, then it’s your call. But in the end, you are going to judge the matter, no one else, so think carefully and then decide.



downsizing tips

6 Downsizing Tips To Consider if You Might Need Elderly Care

Even with a live-in carer, it may be that the home of your elderly loved one is far too big to manage. Here’s some downsizing tips to avoid compromising completely.


Even with live-in care at home, it may be that the home your elderly relative calls home is simply too big to maintain for both them and their carer. But moving house can be an emotional wrench. But there will also need to be plenty of bedroom and living space for them and the person offering home care services. How can you navigate this difficult but important decision?

Read our downsizing tips…

1 Discuss the pros and the cons of downsizing

Your elderly relative must understand why the decision needs to be taken. Examining the pros and the cons are the ideal way of introducing the practical aspects and difficulties of maintaining a larger home over a smaller one. Reassure them too, that there are suitable properties out there that can offer the space and the location that they want and need.

2 Consider the property type needed

A large bungalow or flat is ideal, especially in a good location for both your relative and carer. Make a list of things that your relative needs from a property and a list of their wants. It will be unusual to find a property that ticks every want and need, unless they build their own, a downsizing move that they may consider.

3 Future-proof the move

Essentially, your relative has chosen to have a carer live with them so that they can remain in their own home – and even when they have downsized, they will want to do the same. That means future-proofing the move by opting for a property that is adaptable now and in the future. This is one of the most important downsizing tips so consider access to the property, for example, as well as layout and design and how this may need to change in the future.

4 Start the downsizing process early

Moving from a larger property to a smaller property is a big decision and in terms of organisation, there is a lot to do. Part of the issue is that not every piece of furniture or item can be taken and so decisions will need to be made about what will be taken and what won’t be. Consider selling furniture or donating it to charity.

5 Have a clear plan of action

Moving at any time is a big upheaval. It is exciting but also an anxious time for your loved one and their at-home carer. Have a clear plan of action (as far as is possible!) about what is happening and when. Clear communication is really important to allay fears and nerves.

6 ALWAYS keep your relative, their wants, needs and desires at the forefront of every decision

It is a hard decision to make – it may have been the home you grew up in yourself, for example – and one that is deeply emotional too but, it many cases, downsizing to a smaller property is essential. Always keep your elderly relative and their needs at the forefront of any decision made.


prepare your home for a move

Why You Should Use A Removals Company When Moving Houses

Moving into a new home can both be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting. 


Packing your stuff alone could take days, while the stress of carrying and lugging around pieces of large, heavy furniture is just unimaginable. Doing all the packing and transporting may also lead to a lot of frustration, as you’d be taking a risk damaging fragile items like glassware, art and electronic gadgets. 


That is why some people choose to hire a professional removals company instead. However, many still question the necessity of such, as, at first glance, it will cost more than just doing the job yourself.


To convince you that a house removals company is worth your money, I’ve listed down some ways how a removals company can benefit you. 


Your Items Will Be Packed Properly

Most removals companies offer a full and comprehensive service, which will include the packing up of your belongings. By hiring professional movers, you’ll save yourself the hassle of packing altogether.


To make things even more enticing, because professional movers are skilled and knowledgeable in the tedious act of packing, they will be able to pack up your stuff quickly and efficiently. You wouldn’t have to worry about your stuff or your car getting broken or damaged, as they will know how to wrap and pack up even your valuable art and antiques. 


With that being said though, it is still much advisable for you to handle the packing of your valuables yourself. While professional movers are generally reliable and trustworthy, knowing where exactly your valuables are will give you that extra peace of mind. 


You’ll Be Able To Save A Lot Of Time

Hiring a professional house removals company can help you stay on task and on schedule, especially if you’re in a rush or following a tight schedule. Moreover, professional movers will get you out of your old home and into your new place with your stuff unpacked quickly. 


That means you wouldn’t have to endure a long day of hauling boxes and heavy furniture! 


A Moving Company Will Save You The Stress

As mentioned above, moving is an extremely stressful task. By hiring a removals company, you can relax knowing your belongings will be in good hands. Knowing everything has been packed properly and efficiently will also help you be on your way sooner. 


Because you no longer have to worry about packing up and lugging all the heavy stuff around, you’ll be as cool as a cucumber on moving day. Once every part of your move has been organized and coordinated, all you’ll have to think about is physically getting everything in your new home. 


Additionally, driving a huge moving truck on your own can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing task all on its own! Who would want to go through that, am I right?


You Can Avoid Moving-Related Injuries


As absurd as it may seem, moving can result in back and muscle injuries to inguinal hernia and small injuries to the hands and feet. As a result, whatever you save by moving your belongings yourself will have to go to physiotherapy and medication. Furthermore, some of these injuries will leave you incapacitated for a few weeks, which means you’ll also be sacrificing a few days worth of salary. 


Such injuries can be easily avoided with some common sense and a few safety precautions, but you can simply avoid it altogether by passing on the heavy lifting to the professionals who will have the skill, assessment and tools to transport your stuff without compromising anyone’s safety. 


Your Stuff Will Be Secured

Most removals companies offer basic insurance coverage for the items that their crew will be packing up and transporting. That means in the event that some of your belongings do get damaged, you will be fairly compensated. This will also get you the peace of mind you truly deserve. 


You will have to note, though, that anything you pack and have them transport may be void of the insurance coverage. As a precaution, anything you pack should go into your car with you. By doing so, all parties will be protected and accountable only for the stuff they should be held accountable for. 


It is also advisable for you to find out beforehand the maximum amount the insurance will cover, as well as what items can and cannot be covered. As an extra precaution, you may also want to provide your moving company with a list of items that should be handled with extra care. 


You Will Be Saving More Money

Yep, you read that right! While at first glance, the cost of a removals company seems off-putting, the truth is hiring professional movers may actually help you save money in the long run. 


Think about it. By hiring a moving company, you will not have to worry about renting a moving van (and refuelling it). You also do not have to worry about buying wrapping and packing materials, as they will already have these on-hand, and will almost always be part of their professional fees. 


Additionally, because they are experienced in packing, the cost of the removal will probably be pretty close to the amount you’ll be spending on boxes, wrapping materials, and tape. 


Moreover, if you are moving without professional help, any broken or damaged items would mean your stuff, and your money by extension will be lost for good. 


So, while the upfront costs of a removals company may be overwhelming, it is best for you to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Are you really saving up or are you just directing your money elsewhere? 


Are you convinced about hiring a removals company yet? If so, here are some vital questions you should ask before hiring a removalist.


home staging

Getting (and Keeping) Your Home Ready to Show — Even with Kids

Most of the effort that goes into selling a house goes toward helping potential buyers envision themselves living in the space. Buyers need to be able to see the house for what it could be and the memories they could make in it. The more personalized it is to your tastes and lifestyle, the harder it will be to sell the house. Busy parents don’t have a lot of extra time to put into the sale of a house. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips that could make the process easier on you.

Getting Some Help

If you can make it fit within your budget, hiring a professional to stage your home can help. A home stager can assist you with lighting, arrange the furniture in an appealing way, and highlight the great attributes of your house. At the end of a professional stager’s stint in your house, buyers will be drawn in by the warmth, and the investment in the staging will pay off.

Professional stagers are not cheap but if you can afford a good home stager, your house will likely sell quicker and the stress will be taken off of you to figure out what buyers want to see.

Depersonalize Every Room

Some potential buyers may disagree with certain design choices yet still want to make the purchase. For instance, a chair in the wrong corner or a paint color they wouldn’t have chosen are things that they can overlook. There are other personal touches that can stand in the way of a buyer from being able to see themselves living in the house.

Some of the personalized touches that should be avoided are:

  • Family photographs
  • Clothes lying all over the room (with exception of the closet)
  • Certain pieces of art
  • Certain books
  • Diplomas
  • Trophies and awards
  • Too many knickknacks
  • Toys everywhere

Designated Spots

It’s easy for a house to fall into disarray; it can happen within a brief moment. To help you and your family to keep things organized and clutter-free, give everything a spot to fall.

Help your children keep their toys organized by having them choose the toys they love and use the most, with the caveat that it has to fit into one bin or basket. All the other toys can be packed and stored away until the big move. Giving each child one bin or basket is also beneficial in that when a showing happens it is easy for you and them to round up the toys and stash them away.

Use Creative Options

Potential buyers will scrounge through your closets and open drawers to get a feel for storage and space within the home. You want those areas to look as organized as possible, but you still need to live in your home and your family still needs to be able to function. Wherever possible, try adding some creative storage options to your home that not only will add to the design but also hide away your belongings in places buyers won’t look.

Here are some storage options that may work for you:

For a short period of time, while going through the process, selling a home can feel like a full-time job. Add on raising a family, careers, and daily responsibilities, it can get overwhelming if not prepared for. If possible, start by enlisting the help of a professional to stage your house. Then organize, give everything a place and use creative storage solutions. In no time, the stress of a sale and move will be but a distant memory.